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About Us

American Glory AG is a leading American company that provides educational, immigration, investments and staffing services Software services, cybersecurity, search engine optimization, and professional e-marketing. American Glory is based in Wichita Kansas, USA with offices in others states in America and other countries around the world. We have been helping people for many years to fulfil their goals. We are proud to be able to provide the best services by a highly qualified team of employees who know to assist you reach your goals. Our staff members are very qualified with extensive experience and they are welling help you any time you may need.


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Our company is one of the best companies in the world for study services, immigration, investments, employment, cybersecurity, software, search engine optimization, and e-marketing.

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We help you to grow business with More than 25 years experience with these services.

Recruiting Nurses in USA

We are afflicted with a great staffing agency in the US.

Recruitment service

We are working on issuing visas and travel visas Providing

Educational service

We work Securing travel visas and securing university admissions for students


American Glory has an affiliation within a number of immigration lawyers firms in USA, Canada and Australia

Cyber security

Detecting and fixing security vulnerabilities


search engine optimization

Are you looking to grow your business?

Trusted us by over 10,000 local businesses


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We help you to grow business with More than 25 years experience with these services.